Ever wonder what are those social post that are so intelligently showing to you while you scrolling through the social media account you browsing? Or those video that you were forced to watch before you play a video on YouTube? Or those search result from Google Search engine that a small word “Ad” there? Or what are those banner that showing on the top, left, right bottom (sometime in between the article, they are basically everywhere)?

The truth is, as the advertising industry continue to evolve, these information are now looking more and more native & relevant, at time, it can hardly be differentiate by users. Making it even more powerful than ever.

Giant tech company like Meta (Facebook) & Google, they providing free services to almost everyone on earth, having a huge talented and highly experienced human resources + technology restlessly improving the user experience for their own platform. They have become an important part of life everyday now to a lot of us. Media buying is where these big guys make money and it is also where us, advertisers and brand owners can find opportunities.

Online media buying is a process that involves with paid marketing efforts. Aim to achieve a certain goals (could be create brand awareness, create brand consideration, to push for online sales and retain customer loyalty) by targeting to the right target audience at the right time, with the most efficient amount of media spent. When media buying process done right, your brand would be able to maximize the amount of brand exposure and revenue at the same time.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’—it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.’”

Adam Audette

Getting traffic to your website or attention of your brand are just the basis of media buy. The real online media buying happen when brand achieve the set objectives that planned beforehand.

In Adstra Miles, the first question we always ask our client is “What is your main objective for online media buying?” By understanding your primary objective to run ads, can help the planner to plan your campaign with the most suitable campaign objective with the right platform. Other important question we often ask is also “Who are your customer?”, “Who do you see as your main competitor?”.

Can anyone run ads? The answer is YES. However, a successful online media buy strategy will require more than the quick button that ask you to boost this 1 post. There are much legwork to be done before we launch even 1 campaign for our client. Many of our client tried running ads themselves, only find themselves spending money without knowing what did they actually paying for.

To understand how to stretch your marketing dollars in the most efficient way, contact us to understand more about it now.