As a marketing graduates, I spent considerable amount of time study about it. What intrigued me the most back in time was those marketing campaign my lecturers shared with the class. How Burger King sarcastically terse about McDonald’s burger; how Dove tell woman they are pretty than they think, the list goes on.

While narrow down the big topic Marketing, digital marketing is the rising star in this era. The use of internet, laptop, smartphones and tablets allow digital marketing to be a crucial part in Marketing. From we first open our eyes to before we go to bed, the first and last thing that we check was often our phone. The number of hours human got hooked on with internet are increasing, that’s why almost every brand are establishing their presence online these days.

But the question then is, what do a brand need to start crafting an impactful digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing consists of a wide range of topics to cover. Let’s break this down to see what is essential to create an impactful digital marketing strategy.

  1. To be found online
    • Social Account, Website, Marketplace Shop, Google My Business Listing
  2. Tell them about your brand
    • Utilize the online presence you have to tell your consumer who you are
    • For your social account you will need : Social Media Management
    • For your website you will need : UI & UX design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • For your marketplace you will need : Product listing and ads management
    • For your Google My Business Listing you will need: Update your business information
  3. Reach the right people who matter
    • Customer can hardly find you without proper push
    • For social media, you can use the right hashtag and social media boosting to reach people who are interested with a certain topic
    • For website, you can run ads to drive quality website traffic (or even drive sales!)
    • For marketplace, there are also ads that you can run within marketplace
  4. Great content & creatives
    • Along with pointers mentioned above, nonetheless, great copywriting and creative designs are also much necessary to crafting an impactful digital marketing plan

There’s so much to cover, but this is the list of things you should looking at for now. In case you don’t know where to start, we are here to help.

Have a chat with us or schedule a meeting with us (we have good coffee in the office) to understand what do you need to bring your business to the next level through digital marketing.